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When is your reservation deadline?
Reservations from our website are accepted until 9PM the day prior to use. People who want to make a reservation on the day of use can call 070.8823.1818 or can visit Zim Carry store and Book (make a reservation).
I want to cancel my reservation/ I want to get a refund
Customers who reserved through the website can cancel before 9pm the day of use and 90% will be refunded. After 9pm cancellation is available but a refund is not.
Customers who reserved/paid at the Zim Carry store can cancel/refund in case of having the receipt.( If luggage is delivered cancellations and refunds are not available.)
When can I receive my luggage in accommodation?
Customers who left their luggage at 9:00am~11;00am will receive at 1:00pm~3:00pm, and Customers who left their luggage at 11:00am~3;00pm will receive at 4:00pm~7:00pm.
(Arrival time and delivery depends on traffic condition and route. We ask for your understanding in the event that we are not able meet the accommodations at the fixed arrival time).
What if my luggage is lost or damaged?
Loss or damages to the luggage can be compensated for up to 1,000,000won where responsibility can be proven on our part(company).
Is it possible to use this service in other areas outside of Busan?
Currently we are providing services at Busan Station & Gimhae Airport to Accommodation only. We will try to expand our service.