ZIM CARRY Service?

Luggage delivery & storage service in train station, airport

ZIM CARRY Service is
a travel/ business luggage storage or delivery service that will carry your carrier
[Busan Station<->Hotel], [Gimhae Airport<-> Hotel], [Hotel <-> Hotel]
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  • ZIM CARRY is accurate!
    Our transport specialists have developed ZIM CARRY service based on years of experience and know-how.
    For specialized delivery services, exacting luggage is carried out accurately to destinations.
    We will continue our efforts to give more efficient, more effective benefits to our customers, and we are committed to offering high-quality services.
  • ZIM CARRY is safety!
    We prevent theft with a fully equipped system. We put the safety of luggage and the prevention of theft first.
    We store safely at ZIM CARRY store and in Hotel front desk until the departure and arrival of Busan Station and delivery of luggage.
    Once the luggage arrives, the customer will be informed immediately. For safer services, the goods that require attention are separately recorded and managed by the label ‘Fragile’.
  • ZIM CARRY is cheap!
    We offer quick and affordable professional services.
    We have lowered our reasonable price to give substantial benefits to modern people seeking improvement in quality of life.
    In the rapidly changing world markets, we will provide satisfactory service to our customers from special goods to private goods.


Service Toll Guide

Available section of ZIM CARRY

KTX station, Gimhae airport ↔ All parts of Busan

size KTX station Gimhae airport
Less than 26 inch 10,000 15,000
More than 26 inch 15,000 20,000
※ 26 inch: (around) width 43cm, height 64cm, breadth 27cm
※ Storage fee included

Storage fee

(Shopping bag, plastic bag etc)
3,000 won
Carrier 5,000 won
Special cargo
(Bicycles, strollers, golf bags)
9,000 won
※ This is the storage fee for one day (8:00-22:00)
※ ZimCarry box storage service stores articles that can be lost or damaged such as shopping bags and plastic bags
※ 1000 won is added for umbrellas, tripod etc.
※ identical fee is added when use exceeds one day